Sukhumvit Soi.38

We’re lucky our beloved restaurant Sukhumvit Soi.38 even exists, because as Chef Terry Intrarakhamhaeng puts it, he didn’t choose cooking, cooking chose him. 

A young Terry, itching for adventure, left his family’s hotel at the age of 17. He left the hotel’s restaurant and role of guiding guests through the jungles of Thailand, only to find himself going from job to job cooking to fund his travels; first in Bangkok, and eventually to the UK, Germany and beyond.

Some 15 years later he followed girlfriend Daisy Miller back to her home of Adelaide, he thought his life in kitchens was past him, and had even began working in environmental education jobs. However, Terry’s longing for honest Thai home cooking, often referred to as ‘street food’, couldn’t be quenched by what he found in Adelaide.  Fortunately Daisy had grown up in the throes of a hospitality and wine family, and so it only made sense to recreate a bit of Thailand here for all to enjoy. They opened Soi.38 in October 2014, naming it after Bangkok’s famous street food market.

Today, Soi.38 has evolved to showcase the dishes of Thailand’s 6 regions, telling a taste journey beyond comparison. Using only the best local ingredients Australian native foods are often substituted for local Thai ones, like using kangaroo tail instead of water buffalo.  This adds an element of surprise to elegantly balanced dishes. 

As a family owned business Soi.38 welcomes regular customers again and again, and invites new ones to join in for an unforgettable experience of regional Thai, in the heart of South Australia.



June: Co-owner Daisy Miller was named as a national finalist in the Appetite for Excellence awards 2019 Young Restaurateur category

July: Winner of Best Thai Restaurant at the Savour Awards for Excellence 2019 South Australia and became national finalist

August: The Advertiser review

Sell out Tasting Australia event alongside industry peers Benjamin Cooper (Chin Chin) and Festival Patron Cheong Liew.

Best Southeast Asian restaurant in Adelaide by the Advertiser Good Food Guide.

Terry’s Kangaroo Tail Massuman was named one of Adelaide’s best dishes by The Advertiser.

Chef Terry Intarakhamhaeng

Terry Intarakhamhaeng is a Thai-Australian chef, with expertise in preparing cuisine from each of the 6 regions of Thailand. Minimal waste is key to his menu planning, firmly rooted in his years spent preparing food whilst trekking through the jungles of Thailand. With several qualifications in environmental sustainability and a love of bird watching, this one time monk has been a tour guide for international touring companies, an education officer at Australian zoos, and has mentored South Australian youth in the joys of preparing home cooked Thai food. Chef Terry’s extensive knowledge of Australian native ingredients was honed as one of the team of chefs who set up mentor Jock Zonfrillo’s restaurants Street ADL, and Restaurant Orana. Terry is now Executive chef and owner of Adelaide’s celebrated restaurant Sukhumvit Soi.38 where he treats ingredients thoughtfully, prepares honest food with conviction, and presents dishes with an undeniable grace that is almost palpable.